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The Southern Cross Engineering Group has been a well established, reputable industry leader in New Zealand for more than 20 years, moving into Australia in 2004 and then setting up a facility near Brisbane in Queensland.


By engaging with our clients to interface with our skilled and experienced design team we have evolved into a multi-functional organisation capable of providing a complete design and build capability for all applications, including very large, static operations, as well as mobile plants. 

SCE’s philosophy includes a thorough evaluation of process, and development of the product flow process using the best currently available independent simulation programme, hand-in-hand with continuous client involvement to ensure that the concept proposed is 100% suited to the required duty, and will meet the client’s required  performance parameters, prior to the commencement of any engineering work. Generally, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach in the field we operate, and our attention to detail sets us apart from many of our competitors.

All design is executed using computerized design programmes, including 3D modeling, by our team of trained and experienced engineers who use their expertise to design out maintenance and wear. Attention to detail throughout the design process, especially in areas traditionally associated with high wear, enables these to be identified as potential problems, and eliminated. This reduction of maintenance yields, a significant increase of availability and is augmented by the provision of ample and free access for maintenance etc., all of which combine to increase operational profit. Further benefits include extended operational life for machines and spares/wear parts.

In addition, careful selection of manufacturing sources, internationally, enables SCE to provide significant cost reductions – in real terms of cost per tonne with no consideration of any compromise on weight or quality. All manufacturing is carried out under our close supervision and to SCE’s own onerous standards, which surpass those imposed for Australia and New Zealand.

Further to the measures exemplified above, SCE has entered into strategic partnerships with a number of reputable equipment suppliers of diverse types and locations, to complement the existing design and build capabilities with the finest and most comprehensive range of process equipment available. Further details of these products can be found within the various equipment categories of SCE Products.

No strategy for high quality plant and simplified operation can be complete without a reliable and advanced control system and we incorporate well recognized control and switchgear into all our plant control panels, which are based on PC/PLC SCADA control system of the whole plant, the incorporation of specialist electrical switchgear and instrumentation as agreed with our clients, and the full technical integration of all quarry plant and associated equipment.

To summarise, the Southern Cross Engineering Group are now ideally, and uniquely, equipped to be able to provide complete plant solutions on a turnkey basis and incorporating process equipment optimised to suit the duty or, if requested by the client, working with their preferred supplier. With computer assisted design and manufacture, where applicable, robust and well designed and built machines, and state-of-the-art controls, SCE is able to address every eventuality.

Further information and examples of our successful examples of static plants may be seen in the PROJECTS section on this website.


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Associated Projects:


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By constantly seeking improvement we can push the performance of our designs to new levels.


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Ensure production is maintained with a sound spare parts programme.


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Our facilities can handle from the small to full plant design and manufacture.