Air NZ - Aircraft Maintenance Platforms - NZ

In 2006 SCE fabricated two sets of aircraft maintenance platforms for Air New Zealand



  • 8 off automated units
  • Short project delivery time
  • Over 15,000 fabrication hours
  • Nose dock maintenance platforms
  • Wing platforms
  • Tail platforms
  • Fuselage platforms


The platforms included lightweight fabricated frames with numerous roll out extensions, telescopic legs, parallelogram stairs and interchangeable components.

Fabrication work included comples skew angles achieved with accuracy using 3D modeling software and CNC cutting equipment. All machining and assembly work was carried out in house. A high level of progressive reporting and documentation was required including third party welding and paint inspection.


innovative designs

By constantly seeking improvement we can push the performance of our designs to new levels.


spare parts planned

Ensure production is maintained with a sound spare parts programme.


production capabilities

Our facilities can handle from the small to full plant design and manufacture.