NZAS - Mobile Crane - Tiwai Point, NZ

NZAS - Mobile Crane - Tiwai Point, NZ



  • 135T SWL Mobile rail crane
  • 100T SWL Strongback lifing beam
  • Self weight of 60T
  • Fully designed and built by SCE
  • Konecrane components


SCE designed and built a 135T SWL Mobile Rail Crane and 100T SWL Strongback Lifting Beam for NZ Aluminium Smelter (NZAS). The transport trailer is used for moving the crane into different potrooms. The trailer includes the hydraulic lift system to raise the crane over 8m into the air for installation into four different potlines. The position of the crane can be adjusted once it is raised. Also on the trailer is a control console and video screen for guiding the crane onto the rails during installation. The crane has extending end carriages, video cameras, remote control, fully variable speeds on travels and is fitted with Konecrane components. 

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