SCE can cater to all your servicing needs in both Australia and New Zealand


Steel Service


Most of us would like life to be simple and trouble free, Southern Cross Engineering Spares and Service department is here to try and achieve that goal for you.

We aim to do this in 2 main ways:

  • Provide a preventative maintenance support service, where we complete inspection and service to minimise the chance of unscheduled stops or breakdowns in your equipment.
  • Provide a replacement and repair service. When time takes its toll and parts wear out or break, we can provide replacement parts or a repair service (where possible).
  • In addition to the above we supply a range of regular consumable items widely used throughout the industries. If we have not got it, well find it for you.

In essence, Southern Cross Engineering is committed to providing the necessary service and support to ensure the best performance is achieved from your equipment, whether it be the supply of a simple part or a dedicated site visit by our industry qualified technicians.


innovative designs

By constantly seeking improvement we can push the performance of our designs to new levels.


spare parts planned

Ensure production is maintained with a sound spare parts programme.


production capabilities

Our facilities can handle from the small to full plant design and manufacture.