Omeco Plywood

Omeco Plywood

SCE are the Australasian representatives for Omeco of Brazil

They are leaders in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the plywood industry worldwide.

Omeco manufacture:

  • Roller bed veneer dryers
  • Matt bed veneer dryers
  • Plywood hot and cold presses
  • Melamine presses
  • Spindleless lathes
  • Dry and green veneer stackers

Omeco are a company founded in 1945 and are located in the industrial district of Curitiba in Brazil. Their manufacturing facility consists of 1200 square metres of administration area and 14000 square metres of production capacity within their manufacturing facility especially designed for the construction of large equipment with sophisticated technology, with capacity for simultaneous production and development of new projects to meet specific needs of the timber industry.

Through our association with Omeco we are able to supply core composers, veneer dryers, veneer guillotines, rotary spindleless lathes, hot and cold plywood presses.

Core composers
Veneer dryers
Veneer guillotines
Rotary spindleless lathes
Hot and cold plywood presses
One of their specialists products is a Phenolic Press for melamine installation.

SCE have already supplied Omeco equipment to CHH Plywood in New Zealand where an 8 foot by 4 foot cold press was installed and also a rotary spindleless lathe to a department of industry in Queensland, Australia.


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