CraigPine - Sorter Stacking System - Winton, NZ

A 30-bay sling sorting & stacking system has been manufactured by SCE for the CraigPine sawmill at Winton. 



  • 30 Bay Sling and Stacking System
  • Replace existing manual  system
  • Capable of 200 pieces per minute
  • Can handle sticks from 40 x 30mm to 30 x 10mm


The new system is designed to replace CraigPine’s existing manual sorting and stacking system in the dry mill operation, which was installed at the mill in 2008.

It consists of a pack breakdown hoist with a bearer and stick collection system. Following the tilt hoist are landing decks feeding to a new SCE-designed pneumatic tong feed lug loader. The loader is capable of feeding boards at up to 200 pieces per minute but, in this application, a maximum of 100 per minute is adequate. The lug loader feeds to a 3-station sharkfin grading deck and then on up into the 30-bay sling sorter.

The stacker is of standard SCE manufacture and features an adjustable stick placer. The placer design allows it to handle sticks from 40 x 20mm down to 30 x 10mm - it will also place cardboard at 20mm x 2mm.

Stacked packs are transferred onto a pack outfeed rollcase and then to an automatic strapping station. After the packs are strapped, they pass under a wrapping station where they are wrapped for export. Packs then transfer onto a side discharge wide rollcase to be accumulated and then loaded into containers for export.


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