Hardwood Woodchip Truck Receival System - Portland, AUS

SCE designed and manufactured a 600TPH Hardwood Woodchip Truck Receival Facility in Portland, Victoria, Australia



  • Total turnkey design
  • Unique first in world design
  • Replaced existing stockpile conveyor system


This was a total turnkey design. Manufactured in Christchurch New Zealand. Shipping, install and commission utilised local Portland contractors. The 2500mm wide 600TPH Underground Belt Reclaim interfaced with the existing 300TPH Truck Tipper System. This ensured 600TPH throughput was maintained with either both systems or the Bellydump system alone. It features a unique “first in the world” Retractable Cover Bellydumper Truck Unloading System, able to unload 52 tonnes in 5 minutes. The project replaced the existing stockpile conveyor system and integrating with the existing 300TPH screened-on-site system. Merging both systems chipflows at the chipscreen discharge.


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